Closed in Cortona

25 Jun

Cory’s and the public pool…two things we had heard about in Cortona and wanted to see…both quite a hike up the hill. In June of 2011, we visited the pool and took these photos. The setting was incredible and included a restaurant. Although it was a bit chilly for June, we were surprised no one was there. There had been controversy over the building of the pool – those pro and con, but the pool was finally built and we thought it was lovely, albeit a bit of a challenge to get to by foot.

Why were the rules in English only????

We had also driven past Cory’s and the setting was amazing. Cory’s offered a few room accommodations or simply dinner on the veranda with an incredible view. This year, we thought we’d try it for dinner.

View from Cory’s

To our surprise, we found both closed. Abandoned might better describe what we saw at each location. Who knows whether politics or the economy or both played a part, but it is always sad to see something lovely lose its lustre.  Instead of taking any new pictures, I decided to leave memories intact for those whose Cortona memories include these places. Gossip has it that the pool may reopen, but only time will tell, and for sure, not while we are here this summer.



2 Responses to “Closed in Cortona”

  1. Patricia August 7, 2012 at 2:06 PM #

    Hi Judy, Thought you might be happy to know that the pool has re-opened and it’s still very hot in Cortona so let’s hope lots of people are using it! Also, Cory’s is under scaffolding so will presumably be open next season, if not before. Ciao, ciao, Patricia


    • blogginginitaly August 8, 2012 at 10:13 AM #

      Hi Pat! Thanks for the update. We are busy planning next summer’s trip so we look forward to using the pool and seeing the remodeled Cory’s. Been very hot here as well. Ciao, Judy


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