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Cortona Cimitero

23 Jun

Cimitero della Misericordia

I have always loved old cemeteries. The walls hold stories more plentiful than any library – true stories of happiness and sadness, comedy and tragedy, lives fulfilled and lives cut short, and for some, a hope to reunite in the future.

“God, as you united us on earth, unite us in heaven. So  be it.”

The Cortona cemetery is one of those old places that is filled with love, passion, respect and hope. Faces adorn the graves, not only names and dates. Fresh flowers and candles are plentiful, and the quiet peacefulness is broken only by the birds that fly overhead.

The cemetery is situated halfway up the hill to Cortona, providing incredible views of  both the city above and the valley below. Once through the main entrance, the cemetery spreads in every direction. Some of the markers are simple, while others display drama, passion and art as only the Italians can do. Who ever thought of a cemetery as a museum?






Jugs and water spouts are plentiful for maintaining plants, and there are no rules governing the display of flowers, candles or mementoes! Hey, sibs, maybe here?

Riposi in pace! (Rest in peace!)



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