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Nuccio Parrucchieri: Hair Salon in Cortona/Camucia

18 Jun

When in Italy, do as the Italians do…get a hair cut!

As the summer heat intensified, and my hair hung too long on my neck, I began to inquire about where to go. Nuccio! was the response. Located in Cortona and Camucia are two Nuccio hair salons –   So I dropped in the Cortona salon to check it out.

Nuccio was started by the grandfather and is now operated by his grandsons, David, Francesco and Stefano.

I watched a few of the stylists as they cut and styled hair and knew immediately that I wanted David to cut mine. He squeezed in an appointment for me later in the day and off I went, happy and nervous at the same time.

Simply put, I have never had a stylist analyze the shape of my head and all the qualities/characteristics of my hair before a cut. Granted, I am fortunate to have pretty good hair, but it was as if he was a scientist busy with an analysis. I told him a few things I didn’t want, but left the rest to him. When he was through, it was perfect for me.

Judy and David

After I got home, Benita decided to join in the fun. We made an appointment for her for the following day, this one in Camucia as David would be working there.  Once again, David did his analysis and went to work on her very straight hair, and once again, the result was just what Benita wanted.

Seeing this, Sarah asked if David would analyze her hair…thick and curly. He gave her some suggestions, and she too decided to have her hair conditioned and shaped by the maestro. Once again, great results!

David, thank you for squeezing us in to your busy schedule. Our only problem now is, can you to move to Chicago to cut our hair???  Oh, well, a good excuse for us to return to Italia.

Benita and Sarah…happy!

As for Len, he’s decided to let his hair grow longer and thicker, like so many of the Italian men!

Len and Judy…happy too!



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