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8 Jun

Just returned from four busy days in Roma. If you love large cities, and perhaps even not, Rome is always amazing. Around each corner waits a surprise, often of unbelievable proportion. Imagine walking down the street, turning the corner, and seeing the Coliseum and Arch of Constantine.

Look to your right and the Forum and Palatine Hill await you.

BNG: Forum

BNG: Forum

Another day, you cross the Tiber River en route to Vatican City and all of its treasures, my very favorite always being Michelangelo’s Pieta.


Swiss guard

BNG: Vatican

In between Trattorias, fountains and bustling piazzas, you make your way to the Pantheon, and wonder in amazement just how they managed to build it with a hole in the center.

BNG: Pantheon

Whether day or night in Roma, you make your way to the Trevi Fountain and throw in a coin, if of course, you hope to return! Not leaving anything to chance, we stop by day and night. As legend has it, late at night for many years a man cleaned out all the coins in the fountain. Eventually, the Italian tax man came calling!

Trevi by day

Trevi at night

In Rome, our cast of characters changed. Michael left for the US after a great vacation and our friends Sandy and Larry joined us. In addition, Sarah’s parents met up with us in Rome and now for a few days, we are all in Cortona.

Cortona Pizzeria

Will respond soon to all the comments I’ve received lately…love hearing from you!



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