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Family Fun in Cortona

29 Jun

Yesterday, my brother and his family visited us in Cortona…our last visitors this year.  They are touring the great cities of Italy and came to see us for a day of relaxation. From noon till about 11PM, we ate, drank, walked, talked, laughed, shopped, and even visited a few of the famous Cortona institutions.

We enjoyed a wonderful family style lunch of many different pastas at Trattoria Toscana.

Followed by gelato at Snoopy’s…

And some fun in the public gardens…(the little boys weren’t so amused!)

Dinner was in Piazza Signorelli, at the excellent Antica Trattoria, where we were in the thick of things for viewing the 2012 semifinal football (soccer to us) match between Italy and Germany.

The evening’s entertainment included horns blaring, flags waving, and people, including us, wild with excitement, as Italy proved victorious in a 2-1 win.

A spontaneous parade of cars and vespas erupted through the piazza…


A perfect ending to a perfect day…Perfetto!

And this morning’s papers…


Another wonderful day in Cortona!



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