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Scarpe e Sciarpe: Shoes and Scarves

15 Jun

Two things Italian women can’t seem to do without are their heels and their scarves. “Italian women wouldn’t be caught dead in gym shoes!” warned Giovanna, my lovely Italian teacher. And in general, she is right, stilettos and ultra high heels abound!


And the Italian ladies walk in these no matter how steep the hill!


But there is a new “chic sneaker” creeping into their wardrobes, and they are actually quite fashionable. Sarah and Benita keep eyeing the vast array and will certainly settle on some before we leave.


Sarah’s favorite!

Benita’s favorite…but what color???

In addition, the ladies love their scarves, and so do we. Scarf shopping is so much easier than shoe shopping, especially as the merchants are quite adept at tying scarves so many different ways.


Like shoes, scarf shopping ranges from the open market to the most expensive shops in town, and the price range is as varied as the patterns. We had so much fun at this store in Cortona…Between us, we tried on every scarf in the store!

Are we having fun????

Ciao! Judy

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