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My First Ticket!

24 Jun

Fortunately, it was only a parking ticket. We always park along the etruscan wall nearest Porta Colona, the closest entrance to our home.

Porta Colona

This time, we had to park further up along the curve. A tree branch hanging over that part of the wall actually covers much of the no parking sign, so we never saw it. I must admit, however, that I didn’t feel bad paying the 39 euro, or about $50, as we always get to park for free in Cortona.

So, chalk this up to a new experience. You pay for your ticket at the post office, which is a beautiful old building that I had not seen before. Few craftsmen could build that arched brick ceiling today.

And speaking of the post office, meet the postal carrier. She can fly on that thing!
In addition to regular mail, private carries can be seen in their trucks. Note the decal on front.
Despite all the technological advances, many people here still rely on old fashioned pen and paper. Nice.
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