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Montalcino and Pietranera Again

11 Apr

On Monday past, although it was rainy, cloudy and dreary, we drove to Montalcino with friends. Fortunately, the clouds broke just long enough to get some photos, views that if you know Tuscany, will bring a “been there” happy memory to your mind and a smile to your face.



By chance, Len and I became familiar with Pietranera Brunello (Tenuta Friggiali) back in 2001, and this would be our third visit to the winery.

After a tour and some history,


Samanta had prepared a great tasting for us.


We sampled 5 different wines, and as we were discussing them, Samanta said we had a visitor.

We turned to look and in walked one of the owners, Marissa, the wonderful and gracious lady we had met on our very first visit. Len and I were speechless! Marissa lives in Napoli and she had taken a nearly four-hour train ride to Tuscany that morning to surprise us. Imagine, just imagine.


We hadn’t spoken to Marissa since 2011, but our conversation picked up as if it were last week. She even brought the last Christmas card we sent her just to show us she had kept it.

Since I have written about our wonderful encounter in previous posts, I’ll list them below instead of rewriting.  However, if you only read one, read about our accidental meeting of Marissa…

Back then, we were strangers, and now, forever friends. Who knows when and if we’ll meet again, yet we have memories for a lifetime from a chance encounter as well as another peak moment to add to those we are accumulating.



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