The Villa.3

1 Aug

After the wine tasting, and since we had been given the keys to the house, I decided to explore. Our villa was actually a 19th century farmhouse that has been restored to serve the needs of the estate. Generally, the only guests that stay in the house are business partners, friends or relatives, and not so often individuals like us.

The first floor has several comfortable dining and sitting rooms with a lovely color scheme of  yellow and blue. Large windows fill the rooms with light and reveal the valley below.

Upstairs there are two apartments and our room. The ceiling in our room, like so many it Italy, features large beams in an interesting pattern. Looking at the beams, I was hoping they would not choose our stay to fall on the bed.

When I finished my inside tour, I left Len to stand guard over the bottles and ventured outside to take some pictures. Across from our villa was a small building that housed another apartment. We never saw the inside but it seemed so ancient yet inviting.

At the end of a long drive, but still on the estate, was another home that belonged to the family. We had been told that Mrs. Centolani was in town for a few days at her home. “She doesn’t speak English, so if you happen to see her,  just wave as she is very friendly.”

As I stood at the top of the drive taking pictures, two ladies emerged from behind the house, stopped at the gate, and asked loudly, “chi è, chi è?” Hmmm…I hope my Italian will be good enough to explain who I am and why I’m on their property!



2 Responses to “The Villa.3”

  1. Sandy Holswade August 2, 2011 at 1:09 PM #

    ………thank you for sharing. What a wonderful experience. The villa is beautiful and I cannot wait to try the wine!

    Ciao! Sandy



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