The Tasting.2

29 Jul

After our tour, Emanuela took us to the villa where we were spending the night.  She had shown us our room earlier, but we had not seen the rest of the house. We entered one of the dining rooms that certainly appeared to be expecting us!

Yes, all those bottles and all those glasses and just us…in our own villa! Emanuela, a sommelier with extensive experience in the industry, began by seasoning our glasses. As she opened and poured each wine, she explained details, patiently answered questions and sought our opinions. She seemed to truly appreciate our story about discovering and purchasing Pietranera so many years ago and our subsequent search that happily landed us in this room.

We were able to sample several different years of Pietranera as well as a super tuscan and their other Brunello, but the Pietranera Brunellos were our favorite. We think we could have picked them blindfolded…such great taste, nose and finish (that’s about my total wine repertoire) and of course, fond memories…Pietranera Brunello, you get our vote!

After about two hours, Emanuela needed to leave, but said the house and wine were ours to enjoy. Yep, the house and the wine.  Too bad our relatives and friends were thousands of miles away and unable to join us! “Oh, well,” concluded Len, “I guess we’ll just have to make the best of the situation!”

And so we did!



One Response to “The Tasting.2”

  1. Mike July 30, 2011 at 6:47 PM #

    Talk about an opportunity of a lifetime! wow…


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