14 Nov

Sometimes, we walk by a place, take note, and know we need to return. That was the case for us with Preludio, an elegant restaurant in Cortona. Unfortunately it took us three summers to eat there, but now it’s on our annual To-Do list.


From the outside looking in, it seems as though this is a restaurant for celebrating an occasion – a birthday, an anniversary, etc.  Draped linens adorn the tables which are set with long stem wine glass and glowing candles.



Local friends Luca and Simone first introduced us to the restaurant and assured us that wanting great food is occasion enough.  Fortunately for us, they did all the ordering, but I must admit, we dined as if we were celebrating a big occasion. First things first, some incredible wine from the Bolgheri region of Italy.




Then on to the primi. The attention to detail at Preludio is as incredible as the food, and the presentation of each dish is truly a work of art. I especially loved how our friends chose their favorite local and regional dishes to share with us. While I can’t remember the names of many of the dishes,  I do remember the taste.




Escalope of foie gras sauce, lettuce, grapefruit and potatoes pumpkin

Not being such a foie gras aficionado, I was very content sitting next to this incredible fondue!


For the secondo, we were treated to a Tuscan trio – two pastas with meat and one saffron porcini risotto with black truffle. I headed right for the risotto!


Although two-thirds of my plate was still covered, our friends wanted us to share a Florentine steak. With no more room for dinner, we finally agreed on dessert which they insisted was mandatory. Well, feast your eyes!


According to their website:

Preludio is always looking for new challenges posed by the evolution of taste, frequently revisited by combining creativity and continuity and adapting it to the current seasons. 

Do not ask us what is our main dish, because our ambition is to ensure that every dish that leaves our kitchen is new and unique…

Sometimes a night doesn’t need a special occasion to celebrate as the night itself becomes the occasion.  Our dinner at Preludio with our local friends was one of those nights. Grazie for a special night we will long remember.


Just like in English, the name Preludio (prelude) means the beginning or an introduction. I’m so glad we’ve been introduced!




Len and I enjoyed the restaurant so much, we returned another evening for a “simpler” dinner of risotto, salmon, artichokes and potatoes. We’ll be back for more. 

6 Responses to “Preludio”

  1. Loren November 14, 2013 at 11:44 PM #

    You’re killing me with these food images! I’m ready to hop on a plane just to experience Preludio for myself! Great post!!


  2. blogginginitaly November 15, 2013 at 10:50 AM #

    Just be sure to hop over when I’m there so we can go together!!


  3. Yvonne Wilson November 15, 2013 at 12:38 PM #

    Hello! We have never, during all of our trips to Cortona, eaten at Preludio. I enjoyed seeing the lovely photos of their food! A little too much for Johns taste buds (You know how he loves Fuflunns!) but looks very elegant and beautiful! See you in Cortona!


    • blogginginitaly November 15, 2013 at 2:28 PM #

      We passed by it so often, but I am so happy we finally dined there. I mentioned that we went back because it is possible to have a more simple dinner, as is often our preference. We truly enjoyed both dinners.


  4. onomatopoeicbliss December 15, 2013 at 10:25 AM #

    How do you say “Freaking Awesome” in Italian?


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