8 Feb

In the grey and cold days of winter, it’s fun to think about some of the beautiful hill towns of Tuscany. Lucignano, a remarkably preserved medieval walled village, is one of those towns. Laid out in elliptical rings, this beautiful town sits 414 metres above sea level and offers its visitors a trip back in time.


Although Lucignano sits between Siena and Arezzo, it came under Florentine control in the 1500s, when a great deal of construction ensued. Today, one can still see the Puccini’s Fortress; Vasari’s 1568 sanctuary of Madonna della Querca; the Cappucini convent, c.1580; and several churches including Misercordia, c.1582, and Chiesa della Collegiata, c.1594.  In addition, the Museo Civico offers many artistic treasures including the L’albero della vita, or tree of life, a gilded and jeweled tree holding a crucified figure.








In the village’s website,,  Lucignano is described as “a pearl of the valdichiana, a small village that represents one of the more extraordinary examples of medieval urban planning for its system of elliptic rings…” Today, the village continues its agricultural and artisan traditions and produces products ranging from olive oil and honey to ceramics and gold jewelry. In addition, should you wish to purchase inlaid furniture or have a piece in need of repair, the skilled artists of Lucignano are ready to oblige.

One of my favorite English signs was this:


Nice People – Is that referring to the owners or a requirement for entry? It was closed so we didn’t find out.

And this wonderful Italian thought:


Wine is the poetry of the earth…I’ll toast to that!

Early Sunday morning, the men all gather…



While the ladies smell the flowers and pick fresh basil for the feasts they are preparing…



A lovely way to spend a day, enjoying food, friends and family, and of course, the poetry of the earth. Just wish some of those nice people had invited us to dinner!



4 Responses to “Lucignano”

  1. l. gingerella February 8, 2013 at 1:01 PM #

    I love it. Simple, peaceful with a touch of romantic! Ciao bella, Leonardo


  2. kathy February 8, 2013 at 3:15 PM #


    Tanto bella! I’m going to try to visit this lovely town on my next trip(september-october). Thank you for posting. kathy(Loyola Camper)


  3. blogginginitaly February 8, 2013 at 3:26 PM #

    Veramente bella! Definitely worth a visit!


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