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A Fitting Epitaph for Ciccio, the Faithful Dog

19 Feb

Ciccio, the dog who continued to “attend mass” after the death of his longtime owner and caregiver, has died from cardiac arrest. In my January 25 post, Losing a Faithful Companion, I shared the story of Ciccio, the faithful companion of Maria Lochi, who continued to search for Maria each day at church after her funeral.


With health failing, Ciccio, also known as Tommy, had been hospitalized in a local clinic.  He had become quite a celebrity, with local people making sure he was cared for. He even had his own Facebook page, which published many messages of encouragement to the dog after the death of his beloved Maria.

Farewell, Ciccio. Thank you for warming the hearts of so many and for leaving us to wonder, as my friend Pat expressed, “did he die of heart failure due to old age, or could it have been heart break due to the loss of Maria?” I guess we’ll never know, but what we do know for sure is this: he loved and was loved in return. A wonderful epitaph indeed.



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