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Pollo Arrosto

25 Feb

One of my favorite things to buy at the market in Italy is the pollo arrosto, or roasted chicken.



Simply prepared and cooked on a rotating spit, it’s always crispy and delicious.



So yesterday, when the weather service issued a warning for Chicago, I thought, why not roast a chicken? Since I didn’t have a rotating spit, I decided to spatchcock my chicken, aka butterfly it.



I dressed it with a bit of olive oil and a bunch of herbs and put it on a v-shaped rack so that the entire chicken rested above the pan. I surrounded it with chopped onions, sweet potatoes, carrots, and green peppers, then let the whole thing sit uncovered in the frig for a few hours, supposedly to produce a crispier skin.

At 5pm, it went into a 325° oven and roasted slowly for two hours.



We kind of guessed from the wonderful aroma that filled the house that we were in for a treat, and yes, in fact, we were. Buon appetito!



Makes one almost wish it might snow again soon.



Saturday To Do List

26 May

1. Skip Italian Class: (note to my Italian teacher and classmates): Buongiorno a tutti! Mi dispiace io non sono con voi, ma devo ammettere, preferisco essere qui. Anche se non ho fatto i compiti della scorsa settimana, Giovanna sarebbe fiero di come ho praticare ogni giorno, per tutto il giorno. Ci vediamo in autunno. Ciao, Giuditta

2. Go to Market: Items for lunch for Trattoria Gingerella: let the pictures speak for themselves!

At the market

Roses from our garden

Roasted chicken, tomatoes and mozzarella, melon and prosciutto, antipasto and vino

3. Take random photos:

Benita and Sarah

Real mozarella!

Mike and the original Fiat 500

A 1910 wardrobe trunk

4. Dinner at Trattoria Toscana: http://www.trattoriatoscana.eu/

Goat cheese with balsamic

Gnocchi with leak and tomato

Tagliatelle con porcini

A wonderful day!

Ciao, Judy

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