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Thinking Local and Afar

18 Mar

If you happen to be like us, people of a certain age, you have probably been getting calls from your “not of a certain age” adult children/relatives. The “How are you?” conversation quickly turns to your current activities, or the limits they are “suggesting”: Order online, cancel unnecessary appointments, call for whatever you need, avoid social interactions, hunker down, etc., etc. Hardly before you can answer, the suggestions become quasi mandates, followed by a plea for rationality. You’re hooked, but you also know you are loved.

One suggestion, however, from our daughter who is an editor in the food industry, is not a restriction but a great suggestion: Don’t forget to Order Out! She loves her neighborhood and worries about the restaurants that might not survive, so she’s making it a habit of ordering out a few times a week. And she reminds us to do the same.

So we started last night. Our two usual “go to dine-in” restaurants in the neighborhood are Casati’s and Riccardos, both Italian and both delicious. Last night we ordered from Casati’s. Stefano, the owner, personally thanked us when we called in our order. We learned that in Illinois (and some other states), restaurants can deliver alcohol via in-house delivery, third-party delivery, drive-through, and curbside pick-up. As Stefano said, “For many, ordering wine will be much cheaper than seeing a divorce lawyer!” Touché! And so we will continue to support them and others in the neighborhood during our social distancing.

As for Italy, we should have been landing in la bella Italia next week, reconnecting, hugging, eating, drinking, walking, enjoying our second home, and sharing our adventures. Instead, our hearts are with the people, the country, and especially our friends with whom we are in regular contact. And like the sunflowers, we will be back, we will be back.


Let’s hope the Italians are right when they say, Andrà tutto bene! Everything will be ok





Riccardo Trattoria

8 Feb

Last night, Len, Benita and I shared an early Valentine’s Dinner at our favorite Riccardo Trattoria and took advantage of Chicago’s Restaurant Week special pricing. For just $33/person, we each selected three dishes from the ANTIPASTI, PASTA E RISOTTI, CARNE E PESCE, and DOLCI menus, and then shared them family style.

We have been patrons of Riccardos since it opened in early 2006, even before it had been granted its liquor license. We saw the sign on the door and were delighted that an authentic Italian restaurant was opening just blocks from home. And it has not disappointed – ever – probably because owner/chef Riccardo Michi began his career and ignited his passion at a young age in Milan in the family business and continues his passion today.

So what did we feast on?

For starters:


Followed by:


And finally dessert:


Delicious, fun, and lucky for us, a little trip to Italy just a few blocks from home. 

Buon Appetito and an early wish for a Happy Valentine’s Day!





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