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Weather Wonders

27 Feb

Chicago or Cortona? 


These days, pretty hard to tell just by the weather.


If you’ve seen international news lately, you’ve most likely heard of the BEAST, a Siberian weather front impacting much of Europe. Icy roads mean closed schools and often some businesses, especially in steep hill towns like Cortona. 



This is happening at the same time Chicago is experiencing a few 50° sunny days.

My Chicago street:


My Cortona street, 




(But, of course, nothing stops the garbage ladies, nothing!)


Now the freeze does carry some good news…the lingering cold and ice should hopefully kill the spread of the dreadful mosca (flea) which invaded the olives two years ago and decimated the harvest for many.

With this is mind, let it freeze, let it freeze, let it freeze… just not for too long!

And soon enough, Cortona will be welcoming all the lovely signs of spring once again.

© (late March, 2017)

With thanks to my Cortona friends for the snow photos…





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