The Flâneur

19 Jan

Great posts are worth sharing, so I’d  like to share this one with you. Although I had studied French for many years, I had never heard of the term The Flâneur. According to the post’s author,

“A Flâneur is a term for a person who goes about daily life really seeing what is going on around him. He doesn’t so much interact with the world, but instead quietly observes and notices what many other people may miss.”

For me,  this is an especially relevant reminder in the Chicago winters when the sky’s favorite “color of choice” is grey and the temperatures bounce around freezing. As an amateur photographer, my eyes are usually on the lookout for interesting things, especially in the phases of sunlight/sunset or when I travel. But in these winter months, as I bundle up against the elements and focus on staying warm, I must remember to still observe so many interesting things that I might otherwise miss.

Click on the link below for Benita’s article, and like me, don’t be surprised if you find some inspiration to become a bit of a Flâneur yourself.



One Response to “The Flâneur”

  1. Jean January 19, 2015 at 3:26 PM #

    Gorgeous pearly-sky watery sun photo, Judy. When I lived in Toronto and took photography I used to actually look forward to snowfalls for the interesting patterns thrown onto that white backdrop.
    I still have to get to Chicago if only to see Aqua.


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