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Tuscher Caffé

22 Jun

One of our very favorite places in Cortona is Tuscher Caffé. The setting, food, ambiance, creativity, and especially the owners, make Tuscher a must when you visit Cortona. The beautiful caffé is open every day from 9-9, except Monday, serving delicious breakfast and lunch. In the evening, they serve drinks and very creative complimentary “happy hour”  hors d’oeuvres.

Massimo and Daniela, the proprietors, are among the hardest working people in Cortona. Most evident is their passion to preserve Italian fine culture in everything they do, as they make your visit most memorable. Just this week, as we were having lunch, three visiting American fine arts musicians entered and sat at the table next to us. As they looked around the beautiful two-story palace which houses the caffé, we heard one say, “Ah, la dolce vita!” We certainly agree.

Tuscher Caffé,, opened in 2003 in the beautiful Palazzo Ferretti on Via Nazionale. Massimo and Daniela named it after the building’s architect, Carl Marcus Tuscher, an architect and painter who worked in Italy from 1728-41. Seating is available inside and out in this international gathering place. In addition to having the good fortune to befriend the owners, we have met an array of interesting people from around the world, all who seem to have adopted Cortona as a second home.

Massimo, Daniela, sons Niccolo and Edoardo, and Lucky Luciano, the dog they found last year, are all on hand to make your visit memorable. See for yourself!  I’ve included a few photos from last year as well. (Touch bottom center of photos to progress at your own pace.)

Grazie, Massimo e Daniela, for your friendship and for sharing your wonderful Cortonese traditions with us.

Vi do un bacino, sempre!



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