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Happy Father’s Day!

16 Jun

In Italy, Father’s Day is celebrated on the feast of St. Joseph in March. In Italian, the term for dad is babbo or papa.

In the U.S., of course, we celebrate this special day today. In honor of my Dad (RIP), my husband Len, my brother, brothers-in law, uncle and nephew, and all the other wonderful fathers I know, a very Happy Father’s Day to you!

After seeing all the vintage cars here, I asked Len which of the cars he would pick to drive away. His choice, based on overall style and condition, was the…


It’s a BMW 327/28 from 1940, and it’s a beauty.



Len, unfortunately it wasn’t for sale, but nonetheless, here’s to you… Abbracci!


May your day be filled with sunshine and a top-down breeze!



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