2013 Best Beach! La più bella spiaggia del mondo!

23 Feb

This time of year, many of us who are experiencing the grey days of winter often turn our thoughts to warmer times. With spring just around the corner, and the blossoms getting ready to emerge from winter hibernation, it won’t be long before spring turns to summer and people head to the beach.

Since we are still in the dreaming months, which beach is best? You might be surprised to learn that in a recent Trip Advisor traveler survey, the top billing went to Rabbit Beach, on the remote Sicilian island of Lampedusa. Yes, Sicily! And why not when Italy has so much beauty to offer. Lampedusa lies in the southernmost part of Italy, about 176 kilometres (109 mi) from Sicily.

Location of Pelagie Islands on a map

Location of Pelagie Islands on a map (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The island, population less than 5000, is only accessible by boat or air. It is described as an incredible nature reserve and is one of the only places in the Mediterranean where loggerhead turtles lay their eggs.

Loggerhead Sea Turtle escaping from a net via ...

Loggerhead Sea Turtle escaping from a net via TED device (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Beach oh Rabbit's Island in Lampedusa...

Rabbit Beach on Lampedusa Island Sicily:  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Coastline of Lampedusa

Coastline of Lampedusa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If the name sounds vaguely familiar, the 2002 Italian film Respiro, or Breath, was filmed on the island.


Respiro (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, if your Bucket List includes the world’s best beaches, be sure to add Rabbit Beach to your list.

Guitgia, Lampedusa

Guitgia, Lampedusa (Photo credit: lucasiragusa)

Lampedusa, Cala Grecale, 2003

Lampedusa, Cala Grecale, 2003 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


And don’t forget your sunscreen!

For a list of the top 10 beaches, check out




2 Responses to “2013 Best Beach! La più bella spiaggia del mondo!”

  1. Nikitaland February 23, 2013 at 5:48 PM #

    Beautiful photographs! Makes me want to head to the beach! We must be thinking alike, because I just posted something about the winter blues too the other day. I hear my sandals calling me and it’s too cold to wear them yet. ~Valerie~


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