Lanterns above Cortona

11 Jan

We often think of traditions as steeped in history, handed down from generation to generation. Yet every day, every year, and in any place, a new tradition can be born. Such is the case in Cortona, where a new tradition has begun. This event was scheduled for December 26, but a rainy night forced a three-day postponement.

On December 29, a lovely Saturday evening, many gathered in Piazza della Repubblica for the second annual lighting of the lanterns.

Chinese lanterns Cortona 29 12 12 8

People from neighboring Arezzo, dressed as Father Christmas, organized the event and provided music and entertainment for the delighted children and all who joined in the celebration.

The details and accompanying photos are from Patricia, my local friend, who continues to enlighten me with winter happenings in Cortona.

Each lantern is about 32” tall by 22” wide and made of fire resistant paper. A fuel cell (looks like a piece of coated cardboard) is included and attached to a wire frame at the bottom of the lantern.

Chinese lanterns Cortona 29 12 12 6

At 6 PM, there was a countdown. Together, people lit the fuel cells, released the lanterns, and, of course, made a wish. I so prefer wishes to resolutions!

Chinese lanterns Cortona 29 12 12 7

Quite a number of people, some local and many from regions throughout Italy, filled the normally quiet- in- winter piazza that special evening and watched wide-eyed as the sky above the piazza glowed with floating lights.

Chinese lanterns Cortona 29 12 12 2

No matter from which region they hailed, those gathered enjoyed a spectacular evening and helped carry on a young tradition.

Weather permitting, the lanterns can fly about 1/3 mile – an amazing sight for sure. Once their flames die, the lanterns float slowly to the ground. And while the flames may die, the young tradition continues and Patricia’s lovely photos provide an incredible image that will linger for a long time.



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  2. kathy cori January 11, 2013 at 9:43 AM #

    Molto bello! e grazie Judy.


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