Christmastime in Cortona

15 Dec

I just finished addressing our 2012 Christmas cards and am delighted that we now count among our friends several people we have met in Italy. Having the opportunity to befriend locals has enabled us to more fully embrace the Italian culture and is also the reason we consider Cortona our home away from home.

Although I have many photos of Cortona in the summer, I have wondered what Cortona looks like dressed up for Christmas. Fortunately, my friend Pat has obliged me, and offers the following:

These photographs … were taken on different days and always at about six/seven o’clock, so you can see for yourself how quiet Cortona is!  It will liven up on Christmas Eve, or perhaps even on the Saturday before …when people who have moved away for work or family reasons come back to spend the holiday period with relations still living here.

Natale 2012 Piazza della Repubblica

Natale 2012 Piazza della Repubblica

Natale 2012 Piazza della Repubblica

Natale 2012 Piazza della Repubblica

Natale 2012 Via Nazionale

Grazie, Pat, for the description and these most enjoyable photos! With all the locals warm inside their homes, I’m sure the delicious aromas from their cooking are filling the open spaces.



7 Responses to “Christmastime in Cortona”

  1. Gloria Grove December 16, 2012 at 12:05 AM #

    Hi: I wonder if I might request permission to use a photo of Cortona on our website at


    • Judy Gingerella December 16, 2012 at 11:25 AM #

      Hi, Thanks for your interest in You have my permission to use one of our photos of Cortona on your website as long as you label it “with permission from” Also, I see that you are offering trip that includes Sanctuary of St. Margaret of Cortona. I can probably send you a photo of that as well if you would like. Regards, Judy


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