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Trattoria Toscana

14 Apr

I just received the renewal notice for my blog site and must confess that I hadn’t looked at it in some time. I knew I’d resume writing late this May, when we return to Italia, but the notice caused me to read some of last summer’s posts. Doing so brought a smile to my face and also the realization that there are several posts I never had time to finish. In the next few weeks, I hope to be sharing them.

We are eagerly anticipating our 2012 trip, a return to Cortona and the friends we made there last summer. In the meantime, hope you enjoy reading about Trattoria Toscana. When I close my eyes, I can still smell the spaghetti con porcini!

From 2011 Summer

One of our favorite restaurants in Cortona is Trattoria Toscana. The owner Sara, chef  Santi and waiter Enzo are all very accommodating and fun! This restaurant is on Via Dardano, just down the street from our house on Via Mazzuoli. They exhibit local art work, paintings and photographs on their walls – one of the pieces shown by Len below. We have tried the fix prix menu as well as a la carte, and all have been delicious. Tonight we couldn’t resist spaghetti con funghi porcini freschi, or spaghetti with fresh porcini mushrooms…truly a local favorite!

One of the wonders of Cortona is the close proximity yet efficiency of pedestrians and motorized vehicles. During dinner, we realized that something was going on in the main piazza at the end of the street, so all vehicles had to make a sharp right turn on the street directly perpendicular to the Trattoria. The old cobblestone streets are so narrow we feared a few tourists might be crushed or a few cars might join our table for dinner, but alas, no problem for the Cortonese.



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