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The Tasting Addendum

30 Jul

I wrote to Emanuela and asked her to summarize the effect the different sides of the hill have on the wine. For those of you interested in this type of info, here is Emanuela’s answer:

“As you know, our estates produce wines very different from each other, and
this is due to different exposures and altitudes of the vineyards:
– The terraced vineyards of Tenuta Friggiali lie on the south-west versant
(the most ancient and celebrated) side of the hill in Montalcino, with a
downwards slope from a height of 400 a.s.l. until 300 meters a.s.l.  The
Brunello Tenuta Friggiali, made of 100% “Sangiovese” vine like any other
Brunello of ours, is aged 3 years in Slavonian oak barrels of 50 and 30
hectolitres and then one year in bottles before being put into the market.
It has an intense ruby-red colour with a tendency to the garnet, with a
noticeable warm scent of wild cherries, red and black berry fruit, liquorice
and chocolate; on the palate it displays all the attributes of a classic
Brunello wine: it has strength and elegance, harmonic body and breeding; it
is a traditional Brunello with a strong personality, fullness of flavour and
– the Pietranera is located in the south-east side of the hill.  Here the
vineyards lie on a plain and benefit from the steady and beneficial presence
of the sun, which makes the grapes grow and ripen earlier than they do at
Tenuta Friggiali.  These wines are therefore warmer, dryer, mellower, with
more tannins and a less marked bouquet.
I hope that my explanation is helpful for you!”

Must be the mellower part that Len and I like best! Thanks to Emanuela for the explanation and as a note, Tenuta Friggiali produces more wine than Pietranera, so you are more likely to find it in the U.S.



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