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Ristorante IL Cacciatore

7 Jul

Wanted to mention this restaurant for friends we met in Cortona before you leave…go to Cacciatore’s for lunch or dinner. We actually ate both there the day we left. Facing the Commune, it’s down Via Roma on the left. The owner, whose name I believe is Alesando, is as friendly as can be and the food is delicious! We had a pizza for lunch, then went back for the steak and grilled veggies for dinner.




7 Jul

We arrived safely in Roma, however, finding the Avis drop off at the airport was not fun. What we now know is that you have to go to Garage B, and it’s there. We went way out of our way, but they did not charge us extra for the late return, nor did they charge for our non functioning GPS Tom Tom, so in the end, we came out OK. Funny thing, Paula, we had the most trouble with what you found easiest!

We are staying at the Hotel Villa Pinciana, near the Borghese gardens. Funny thing is, we so wanted outside space or at least a balcony in Cortona and here we are in Roma, at a hotel surrounded by outside space, where I am writing, as well as the only room with a balcony. Strange how things work out! That’s our balcony, behind the flags, and the open space is where we are sitting as I write.

Just had a wonderful lunch of pumpkin stuffed ravioli in burnt butter and fresh sage.

Since we’ve been to Roma many times, we don’t need to head out in the heat and see the sights. Benita is hoping to spend her junior year in Roma, so we are checking out the Loyola Rome Center as well as the John Cabot school, both offered by Marquette. I attended the Loyola Rome Center 40 years ago (EEEK, I think I was only 5…a protege!) but the school has moved- I think they could no longer deal with the beer machines in the classroom wing…seriously, we’d drop in a coin and out came a beer on our way to class…there will never be a time like those late 60’s early 70’s again !!!)

So, two days in Roma and then on to Chicago! Benita, we can’t wait to see you!!!


Judy/Mom and Dad

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