7 Jul

We arrived safely in Roma, however, finding the Avis drop off at the airport was not fun. What we now know is that you have to go to Garage B, and it’s there. We went way out of our way, but they did not charge us extra for the late return, nor did they charge for our non functioning GPS Tom Tom, so in the end, we came out OK. Funny thing, Paula, we had the most trouble with what you found easiest!

We are staying at the Hotel Villa Pinciana, near the Borghese gardens. Funny thing is, we so wanted outside space or at least a balcony in Cortona and here we are in Roma, at a hotel surrounded by outside space, where I am writing, as well as the only room with a balcony. Strange how things work out! That’s our balcony, behind the flags, and the open space is where we are sitting as I write.

Just had a wonderful lunch of pumpkin stuffed ravioli in burnt butter and fresh sage.

Since we’ve been to Roma many times, we don’t need to head out in the heat and see the sights. Benita is hoping to spend her junior year in Roma, so we are checking out the Loyola Rome Center as well as the John Cabot school, both offered by Marquette. I attended the Loyola Rome Center 40 years ago (EEEK, I think I was only 5…a protege!) but the school has moved- I think they could no longer deal with the beer machines in the classroom wing…seriously, we’d drop in a coin and out came a beer on our way to class…there will never be a time like those late 60’s early 70’s again !!!)

So, two days in Roma and then on to Chicago! Benita, we can’t wait to see you!!!


Judy/Mom and Dad

2 Responses to “Roma”

  1. Paula July 7, 2011 at 1:24 PM #

    Hope this post gets to you before you leave Roma. Funny story about the car rental
    return but I feel vindicated about the TomTom!! I thought it was us but it’s him.
    Kelley went to the Trinity in Rome program on the Aventino right where the famous
    rose gardens are. It is on the grounds of a CLOISTERED CONVENT – words that
    bring warmth and comfort to the parents of a young college aged woman studying
    in Rome!
    I knew I would like the program when Kelley (and Bernie) had to ask me what “parietals” are. Alas, they are now just another reminder (a la the beer machines of the 60s and 70s).


    • blogginginitaly July 7, 2011 at 3:31 PM #

      It was truly Tom Tom with the female voice that only said, ‘turn right, turn right’ that almost destroyed our trip! Putting him/her in the glove box was the best solution and I had NO intention of paying for it!!! Anyway, tell Bernie and Kelley I had to look up parietals to remember what they were…”rules governing dorm visits by the opposite sex”..and now the dorms are coed! Oh, well, they still probably won’t have the birra machines!!


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