Grazie! And other things….

25 Jun

Thanks to all of you who are following along and adding comments to the site. It is great fun for us to get up each morning,  read comments and know people are actually reading and enjoying. Please know that while we don’t expect the comments, they are wonderful fun for us as we always appreciate hearing from you. We are having a  wonderful time and love sharing our experiences.  Sandy, hope your Italian dinner was a great success! And Vince, Buon Compleanno!

Although most pictures of us show us eating, rest assured that we have actually each lost a pound or two walking and climbing and climbing and climbing! As Len said, no need for pilates or yoga classes here!!!

Went to the market this morning and ordered a roasted chicken off the rotisserie…still roasting as I write. Then bought some amazing tomatoes, pecorino cheese and foccacio. When we go back to get the chicken, we’ll get a bottle of wine, and then we are all set for lunch at home today. Two photos here of two women we encountered going and returning from market. Elderly, yes, yet sufficiently strong to carry a large half watermelon back up the street.

Len decided to tackle the washing machine today…he loves the idea of hanging our clean clothes in the fresh air. Speaking of which, the weather has been perfect…sunny and warm with breezes and rarely a cloud in the sky.

Also, just a word about technology. Besides being able to communicate and share photos with so many relatives and friends, we are also able to see and talk face to face with Benita in our living room almost everyday through Skype and Face Time…it’s not only amazing but great fun! Benita, looking forward to hearing about last night’s concerts!

At the market today, besides food for lunch, we bought this table cloth for Len’s next pizza dinner….bella, non?

12:16 here…almost time to prepare lunch!



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