Never Leave Home w/o It…

23 Jun

Your camera! Last night, after a grand dinner, we decided to take a walk just for the fresh air…no gelato, no vino, so we thought, no need for our camera. Sure enough, as soon as we entered Piazza della Republicca, there was Albert Einstein reincarnated, in black tails no less, wild hair as white as snow, coaxing a flute to sing like the birds. Accompanying him was an orchestra on CD, and together they played Nessun Dorma (None shall sleep). Florence, you would have loved this…Benita, not sure if you remember, but we saw Pavarotti sing this live in Austin! Was it the best ever? Probably not, but truly memorable in the piazza under the stars.

Speaking of the piazza, it has occurred to me since we have been here that piazzas are truly a way of life in Italy. I’ve been in hundreds of different ones in my European visits, but perhaps not the same ones for as many nights in a row as we have in Cortona. That is the beauty afforded by a smaller town…the faces become familiar. And as you study the facades, you realize that while the faces change, the piazza doesn’t…not really…if only those buildings could talk.

The two main piazzas in Cortona are Signorelli and Republicca, which essentially connect to one another. They are each surrounded by magnificent old buildings, restaurants, osterias, bars and shops; they are thoroughfares for vehicles and pedestrians as well as playgrounds for children. Each evening, the locals and some tourists like us gather to engage in piazza life. We talk and laugh as we sip vino or enjoy gelato, or as in the case of last night, listen to a musician share his passion with us. Having difficulty loading images tonight, so only one of the Commune in Piazza Republicca in the evening, where “Einstein”  was last night.

Tonight on our walk, there was a band playing in the piazza and more people than usual…life in the piazza…one never knows what to expect!

My Promise: Camera and I are now joined at the hip. Also, you should be able to enlarge any photo by clicking on it! If your eyes are like mine, it sure helps!



One Response to “Never Leave Home w/o It…”

  1. Sandy Holswade June 23, 2011 at 7:47 PM #

    This is just tooooooo much fun. I think I’m going to have an Italian dinner tomorrow night in you honor. The pasta will never be as good as yours, but I’ll try.

    I was able to enlarge the new photos, but not the first ones you posted. That’s okay – I get the feeling.




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