15 Jun


If you are reading this page, you most likely received an email invitation from me. This post is about why this blog exists.

In 1997, my parents took their four children and spouses to Italy for an unforgettable celebration of their 50th anniversary. I had spent my junior year abroad, so for Len, on his first visit, like me many years before, it was love at first sight. Since then Len, Benita and I have had the great fortune of traveling to Europe three times. We so wanted to share the history, architecture, art, culture, people, food, smells and sounds with Benita and explore and learn more ourselves. As tourists, we travelled from north to south and many places in between.

But there was always something nagging at us…we wanted to be more than tourists…we wanted to live in a town long enough to become part of the fabric…be recognized by name by the locals at the pizzeria, market and cafe…cook and shop and make pizza and play bocce with the locals…that was our dream.

In anticipation over the years, we have watched countless Italian cooking shows, travel shows, house hunting shows, and anything else Italian, always with an eye on our dream. And finally the time has come.

Our goal for this site is, to some extent, to take you along on our journey. Many of you have asked us to share, and this is the result, with help from Len (let’s make it a business), Benita (artistic influence) and me, the writer. I don’t tweet or  Facebook;  I’m not looking for  thumbs up /down. This is simply and lovingly our way of  sharing photos, stories, recipes, or whatever as we live and explore life in Cortona. With excited anticipation… ciao, ciao for now!


4 Responses to “Welcome!”

  1. Sandy Holswade June 16, 2011 at 9:12 AM #

    Oh Judy – this is fabulous! I look forward to each daily adventure. I hope the place you rented has turned out to be what you expected. Larry and I just returned from our trip and are suffering jet lag, but we had a wonderful time with Mark. What an adorable young man.

    Sad news – our father slipped away on May 28 just before we embarked on our trip. I visited him in April, so the family was very supportive about my going ahead with our travel plans. It was difficult though. I wanted to by in Illinois giving my sis support. She was his care giver and did a wonderful job, but it does take its toll. Her youngest son Tommy was with her and very supportive. Sharon said Hospice was wonderful – she had no idea what that was all about and very grateful. He died peacefully in his beloved condo.

    Love to you and Len. Have a wonderful time. I will check out your blog with anticipation each day!



  2. Alexis C. Colianni June 16, 2011 at 11:47 AM #

    Dear Judy & Len,
    Have a wonderful time. The blog looks great!
    We’ll await news and photos,
    xoxox A.

    PS Judy, your name is the only one that does not appear anywhere.


  3. Mike June 30, 2011 at 7:33 PM #

    Is “ciao, ciao” like the plural of “y’all” (which is “y’all, y’all”)? Or maybe “hello and goodbye”?

    Dad: We’ll have to talk about me doing a blog tracking my middle-age college freshman adventure and finding a way to make money doing it. Just something for you to noodle during the rest of your Italian holiday. We’ll talk later!

    Judy: You blog looks like you’ve already been doing it for years. Great job!


    • blogginginitaly July 1, 2011 at 8:41 AM #

      Hi MIke,
      Good to hear from you. Have another one for you too…the spaggeteria is also a birraria…I think the owner is not really Italian, although he claims to be from Cortona. He’s not friendly enough to be Italian, in my opinion! Also, been taking some Fiat photos for you that I will post soon. New and old 500s. And yes, I like your definitions of Ciao ciao, but remember to wave backwards when you say it!
      Judy and Dad…he likes the idea of your blog!!!


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