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Bella – Ma Basta!

12 Mar

Beautiful – But Enough!!!!!

We awoke this morning in Chicago to another common occurrence this winter…more snow!  With this storm, the season now ranks as the third snowiest, and it’s only the middle of March. But since my car is in a garage, and I don’t have to shovel, why not look on the bright side?

As I drove Len to work this morning, we were greeted with some beautiful sights:



There were, of course, the drivers who never seem to clean off their cars:


And the city’s now famous Divvy bikes, taking a rest:


Of course, on days like this, it’s better not to rely on street signs:


My little golfer didn’t seem to mind too much!


Fortunately, last week Len and I took a break from all of this and visited our wonderful friends, Sandy and Larry, who winter in the California desert. Four delightful days of sun, exercise, food, wine, and most of all, great friendship. Not bad when you can pick oranges off the trees in the yard and eat them still warm from the sunshine!



So as we continue to light the fireplace, bundle up for a while longer, and anticipate the actual arrival of spring, we’ll reflect on the new memories that warmed our hearts and bodies last week:IMG_1684



And yes, it is the desert!IMG_1678

Sandy and Larry, tanti graze e cin cin till next time!



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