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Salute e Cent’anni!

1 Jan

Last evening, the final of 2020, the moonlit view over the lake was spectacular. But this year,  although there were no fireworks, there was something particularly unique that caught my eye – a large 100 illuminated on the face of The Drake, a storied Chicago hotel. I quickly learned that The Drake was founded in 1920, hence its 100 year celebration. 


Quickly I found myself thinking of Italy.

When Italians celebrate many of life’s happy occasions – a birthday, a wedding, an anniversary, etc., they often raise their glasses in a celebratory toast and proclaim: Cent’anni!  (May you live 100 years!)

Sometimes you hear them say Salute e Cent’Anni! (to your health and 100 years!)

Given  2020, I’ll choose the second toast as my wish for you in 2021:

Salute e Cent’Anni!  

To your health and 100 years!

Wishing you a very Happy and HEALTHY New Year!





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