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Surviving the Polar Vortex!

30 Jan

Some people attend the Olympics hoping to experience a record being set. Today, I just had to walk out my front door to experience one myself.


Now if that isn’t enough to freeze your bones, take a look at the “FEELS LIKE” temp…


-49°, seriously?

I awoke to find several kind messages of “Keep Warm” from friends across the globe, so I’m adding the conversion to celsius:


How does the “real feel” really feel? I put on a down coat, warm hat and gloves, and stepped outside for about 15 seconds. Granted, not enough for frost bite, which can occur in five minutes, but enough to feel the biting air, especially as the winds are 20-30 mph. My assessment? I think I’ll stay inside for a few days.

Our morning newspaper headlines were filled with caution:

©Chicago Sun Times:

©Chicago Tribune:

In case you are curious, The Washington Post provided a good explanation of why this is happening.

©The Washington Post

Oh well, -27 or -29, it doesn’t really matter, except perhaps for the meteorologists who just love breaking records.

Most transportation in and out of Chicago has been affected and nearly every academic institution as well as countless restaurants, businesses, etc., are closed today, and probably tomorrow. Warming shelters and food banks are busy welcoming those in need and people are encouraged to check on at risk neighbors and elderly. Let’s hope people stay inside so the first responders can as well.

As for us, the sun is shining, the sky is blue, the refrigerator and wine cooler are fully stocked, we are warm, well, and weathering the weather, plus, I experienced a new record!

And, looking ahead, it’s supposed to reach 46° on Sunday, a great day for a long stroll in the park. 






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