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Blogging ABOUT Italy: Cortona

30 Mar

In 2011, was born. Never could I have imagined then just how significant a two letter preposition in the middle of the title would become. The word, of course, is “in”, and denotes all of the posts and nearly 20,000 photos I have taken while documenting our adventures while in Italy.

Spring poppies ©

Today, March 30, 2020, we were to board our flight for our 14th extended Italian adventure. And although we are disconnected physically, we are in constant contact with our Italian friends. I’m actually texting some as I write! We also read Italian news and monitor the ups and downs as if we were there.


So, although I can’t write while in Italy, I can still write about Italy. Perhaps more importantly, I can share photos from our many adventures to remind us all, at such a difficult time throughout the world, to stay connected and hold on to our dreams, whatever they may be.

This first post (of what I plan to be many) is dedicated to our Italian home, the town of Cortona. Because we have been fortunate to experience Cortona in all seasons, I have many pictures of Cortona that are virtually people free. I hope you enjoy the views. You can also click on any photo to enlarge.


Cortona – ©

Parterre Cortona ©

Via Santucci view ©



Rooftops Cortona ©

Chiesa di San Francesco, Cortona, ©

War Memorial ©

Parterre Cortona ©

Santa Margherita ©

Santa Maria Novella ©

Municipio Cortona ©


Le Celle ©

As the sun casts a warm welcome on this beautiful ancient town, it will once again, hopefully soon. At that time, we, like so many others, will return for our next adventure.

July, 2011, Trip #1 to Cortona ©

Till then, more posts to follow.



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