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Saturday Smiles

6 Feb

Who needs comics when truth is often funnier than fiction.

Recently, as reported in The Local.IT, an Italian newspaper, a man from the Ravenna area was summoned to the police station. Apparently, the man’s dog, a Doberman, was accused of biting a man. Now before you feel sorry for the victim, hear the rest of the story.

The dog, a guard dog, had bitten the man, a would be thief who had entered a house during the night.


The story came to light through a local vet, Fabio Pansera, who wrote about his almost-burgled client’s misfortune on Facebook on January 28th.

According to Pansera’s Facebook page,

“Yesterday a client of mine, who owns a Doberman, was summoned by the authorities because the night before, a thief tried to get into his house but was bitten by the dog,” he wrote. “He has now reported the man and wants compensation for the bite straightaway.”

Pansera then joked that maybe dog owners ought to be teaching their pets good manners – such as wagging their tails at trespassers or offering them some biscuits – because if they attack, then they could end up in serious trouble.


Journalists at L’Eco Di Bergamo followed up on the post with the vet, who confirmed the story.


L’eco di Bergamo




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