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Feast of the Italian Liberation

24 Apr

Festa della Liberazione – April 25th – a day dedicated to celebrating Italy’s liberation from Nazi occupation during World War II.

If you happen to be in Italy and hear a great deal of noise overhead, it is probably the Frecce Tricolori or the Three Color Arrows. Or if you hear a lot of music and cheer, you may just find yourself in the middle of a parade! In either case, a great cause for celebration.


Rivolto (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Italiano: Frecce Tricolori all'Air Show di Fal...

Italiano: Frecce Tricolori all’Air Show di Falconara Marittima, Ancona, Italy. (Wikipedia)

I migliori auguri – my very best wishes – to my Italian friends…we raise a toast to you and your freedom!



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