Through His Words: Day Twenty-Four and Memorial Day Tribute

26 May

Reflections From and About My Grandfather
Alexander Capraro, Architect


Monday, August 8, 1938

Letter written to Alex from his son (my father) Bill, age 15.  Photo of my Dad, some 7-10 years later. With today being Memorial Day, a happy one to you, Dad, and a heartfelt thanks to you and all who have served/are serving our country.

Bill Capraro, US NAVY

Bill Capraro, US NAVY

Hello Pal:

In my last letter, I told you it was plenty hard to write a letter to somebody, but after writing one, it’s all the harder to find anything to say in the next one. (He references his last letter, but it appears this is the only one Alex received.) Well here goes: everybody here is just about the same, all feeling fine, hot, and happy.

Vince (brother, 18) came back from Lake Delevan yesterday and while he was horseback riding, he fell off the horse and came back kind of stiff. HA-HA.  


Maude and sons, circa 1924

Maude and sons, circa 1924

Maude, Vince and Billy (L)

Maude, Vince and Billy (L), circa 1926

The weather in Chicago is still as hot as it was in my last letter. Marion (sister, 11) has been out in Long Beach for two days now and boy how I envy her.  She must be having a heckuva time. I am still going to Carl every Monday and Thursday and so far he has filled one tooth, filled one with silver, and will put a permanent filling in another Thursday.

Uncle Bob and family were here tonight and he and I are going to play golf someday this week because he gets every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday off in the summer. Last night, Larry, Joe, Alice (the singer), and Marie were over and we had a swell time because all of us, including Mom, were acting absolutely crazy, which I guess is the only way to have any fun nowadays. All of us are going on a beach party either this week or next and we probably will have another real good time.

Might as well tell you that “lights out” are no longer “on” so we get the feedbag a half-hour earlier on Wednesday nights (YIPPEE)!

Well, I hope those foreigners are treating you alright over there and if you run into any trouble, just mention that you are the father of the great accordionist Mr. William Capraro –  P.S. they’ll understand.

Funny, I never knew my Dad played the accordion. And per Aunt Marion, she played the piano, their father Alex sang, and they all were quite good!

Well, there isn’t much more I can think of to write about so I’ll sign off saying

“With most sincere wishes for a most enjoyable vacation, I, the great accordionist Mr. William Capraro, remain your jealous and perspiring son,”

P.S. To make you feel younger, I’ll sign

Dad always did have a good sense of humor.




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