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Cinema Paradiso

14 Dec

If you love Italian films, it’s hard not to love Cinema Paradiso, a story about love, loss and friendship set in Sicily. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the film’s release. The 32-year-old writer/director of the film, Giuseppe Tonatore, considered it semi autobiographical.

(Spoiler alert: if you have not seen the film, and plan to do so, don’t read on or watch the trailer.)

Cinema Paradiso is the beautiful, enchanting story of a young boy’s lifelong love affair with the movies. Set in an Italian village, Salvatore finds himself enchanted by the flickering images at the Cinema Paradiso, yearning for the secret of the cinema’s magic. When the projectionist, Alfredo, agrees to reveal the mysteries of moviemaking, a deep friendship is born.

In the final scene, Salvatore, having returned to his native town for the funeral of his “father-figure” and mentor Alfredo, views the film reel gifted to him by Alfredo’s wife. Much to Salvatore’s surprise and delight, the old film reel contains all the kissing scenes that were cut by the local priest over the years when Alfredo and Salvatore screened the films together for the local cinema.

For your viewing pleasure, sit back and enjoy Cinema Paradiso’s final scene set to stirring music by Ennio Morriconi entitled Love Theme for Nata.



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