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Venice Pounded by Heavy Rain

17 Nov

For years and years, I have heard that Venice is flooding. That was true when I was a student in Italy in the early 70’s, and still true today. Luckily for me, however, most times I visited Venice it was dry. I actually recall only once, in the summer of 2007, that there was water in the Basilica San Marco as well as in Piazza San Marco, but only in the evening.  At that time, huge wooden planks were laid strategically, forming little bridges enabling people to walk across the water. These photos were in the daytime, when only people and pigeons filled the piazza.


Recently, however, heavy storms have swept through parts of northern and central Italy, causing Venice to be under a high water alert.  Nearly 70% of Venice was flooded last week. People could be seen wading and actually swimming in up to five feet of water. In some locations, it was even challenging to distinguish between the sidewalks and canals, the busy thoroughfares of Venice.

Many Venetians do not actually live in Venice, rather on several of the other islands, and those that do tend to live above the ground floor. Street-level shops and restaurants, however, are not so fortunate and are suffering the effects of the storms. Even the flooding, however, can’t dampen the spirit of some tourists who are determined to make the most of their vacation!

Huffington Post

According to the BBC, while flooding is common this time of year, this flood ranks as the 6th worst in the last 150 years. Here’s hoping for sunshine, calmer winds, the return of Venetian romance and magic, and piedi per terra, literally –  feet on the ground!

This clip seems to say it all: Venice Flooding



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