Well oiled shoes and lessons learned

30 Jun

While wandering through a few of the stores in Castiglione d. Lago, the town above Lake Trasimeno, I, well my purse anyway, knocked over a bottle of homemade olive oil. It shattered, and most of the oil splattered on my right foot and shoe. Fortunately, all of the glass stayed on the floor. Anyway, the leather on the shoes was originally two toned…light and dark brown leather. Now the top of the right one, on left of picture, is mostly dark brown. I take this spill as a sign of good luck and figure I’ll just rub olive oil on the other shoe, just like Len used to do to his baseball mitt as a kid. (His grandmother wasn’t so pleased as olive oil was a luxury then.) And actually, the oiled shoe looks better! So, lessons learned:

  • buy a smaller Italian leather purse, which I did today…(great excuse!)
  • buy Clarke shoes, especially two-toned, because they are so comfortable and can accommodate color modifications
  • buy new Italian leather shoes  (another great excuse, but who needs an excuse!)
  • be grateful…it’s better to knock over olive oil than red wine!



3 Responses to “Well oiled shoes and lessons learned”

  1. Charles July 1, 2011 at 12:03 AM #

    Ciao Judy & Leonard,

    I LOVED the olive oil story!!! I did know about the mit, perfect!!!

    You picked the best weeks to be away from Chi town. It’s going to be 97 degrees here on Friday. That means a heat index of 110 and Saturday will be a predicted high of 91.



    • blogginginitaly July 1, 2011 at 8:36 AM #

      Hey Charles, good to hear from you. We were in Assisi today and saw lots of people dressed like Friar Chuck. Would have been so fun to run into him there. As for the olive oil, wore the shoes today and they are fine!


  2. loren July 4, 2011 at 7:07 AM #

    A new trend!


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