11th day, Hail Storm

29 Jun

After 11 days of perfect weather, we had a hail storm this afternoon. As it was blowing away from our house, and we (and our laundry) were safely inside, it was fun to watch. Our poor neighbors across the street, however, were running for cover.The white in the picture is actually hail in front of their door. I am taking the photo from above the green plant beneath our window. The brownish color down the middle is a stream of sand rushing down the street.


After the rain stopped, we headed for a quick dinner around the corner at a Spagetteria we had yet to try. Penne with oil, fresh raw tomatoes and basil…simple yet delicious. Since the weather was so iffy, I left home without camera or purse. Nothing else to record tonight, right?

Well, after dinner, the sky turned a deep blue as the storms vanished, so we walked the town. When we entered the piazza, who else but Maestro Einstein playing the flute again. And again, no camera…only the second time. We sat on the tall stairs of the Commune and listened to him play Swan Lake and other pieces. The photos are of the Commune, just not from tonight. One of the best parts tonight was watching a young girl, about 18 months, pointing at the maestro while dancing around him. Of course, I was thinking of Maven, my beautiful 6 month old great niece. After dropping coins in his box, I asked Einstein when he might return, but he wasn’t sure. Hopefully, hopefully, I will be able to capture him on camera before we leave.

As for the trip to Montalcino, there is sooo much to write it will take several posts, but they will start soon!



6 Responses to “11th day, Hail Storm”

  1. Sandy Holswade June 29, 2011 at 5:05 PM #

    Hi Judy and Len,

    We had a little rain today in Angel Fire, but no hail. There is a very bad fire in Los Alamos NM, and we are getting the burned smell and the smoke. We certainly could use some more rain, especially in Los Alamos. They do not think the Lab is in danger.

    Wow – what a storm you had! Glad the evening turned out nice for you. You must remember your camera Judy. You always regret not having it.

    I keep forgetting to mention how I love the beautiful doors and door knobs on residences in Tuscany. I noticed the doors in the picture showing the hail. I especially like it when they have flower beds around that enhance the beauty of their entrances.




  2. Charles June 29, 2011 at 9:56 PM #

    Hello Judy & Leonard,

    What a Fun suprise learning that you are in Italy. Love the photos and enjoyed reading your post. Blagojevich was convicted yesterday on 17 of 20 counts… He’ll be serving about 350 years in jail. 🙂

    Keep those photos coming….



  3. Mike June 30, 2011 at 7:22 PM #

    “Spagetteria”? Even I can figure that one out. Hilarious!


  4. loren July 4, 2011 at 7:34 AM #

    Again with the no camera for Maestro Einstein!? I’m going to send you a water proof carrying case for that camera. I’m sure that Maven would have had a peak experience listening to the music with her aunt and uncle (especially since she is, according to her Mimi, a musical prodigy). What a wonderfully beautiful evening. Thank you so much for all of the stories!


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