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Ricotta, Biscotti, Twice-Baked Potato

25 Nov

What do these delicious items have in common? It’s simple, they are all cooked twice. The wonderful creamy ricotta cheese we love is literally made from whey left over in the production of cheese,  then “re-cooked”, hence the name ri cotta. Biscotti, the crisp, rectangular-shaped Italian cookies, often dipped in coffee or vin santo, are twice baked. And then, of course, there is the American twice-baked potato, cooked, then dug out and refilled with just about anything one likes.

So it got me to wondering, “What does one call turkey in a second cooked form?” Since I couldn’t find anything in the dictionary or even in the Wikis, I tired to make up a word. The Latin word “bis” means twice, so I tried that – Bisturkey.  Not very catchy. Other options included TurkeyTwice, Turkeyx2, but not any better. Finally I settled on the simple and obvious – Turkey Soup.

Thursday, first cooking produced this…



Friday, second cooking produced this…



So, if you’ve had enough leftovers for a while, simmer that turkey bone for hours in water or broth, then remove the bones carefully and add leftover turkey, veggies, potatoes, etc. Best of all, it freezes well for a cold winter night when your tasty memories of that delicious turkey have begun to fade.

And should you come up with a great recooked turkey name, please let me know!



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