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Homemade Ravioli with Friends

6 Feb

Knowing that we love to make homemade pizza and bread, (well, Len makes it and I eat it), my niece surprised us with this beautiful ravioli rolling pin. Truth be told, neither Len nor I had ever made homemade pasta, nor had we ever thought to do so.



So there it sat, since Christmas, staring back at us and egging us on…”come try me” it seemed to call out each time we passed by. So we gathered the usual suspects for a day of cooking/baking and added ravioli to the menu. After all, how hard could it be?

Giovanni, Len’s cooking buddy, made incredible dough for baguettes while Len whipped up some delicious Sicilian pizza for us to eat while contemplating the ravioli roller. With vino in hand, we watched the YouTube from Repast, the maker of the rolling pin.



Confident in our skills, Susanna took to the stove to create a porcini tomato sauce as I made the ricotta pecorino filling.

Since this was my very first pasta making experience, I decided to forego the mixer and do it all by hand. And Giovanni promised to help with the kneading and rolling, so why not.

Did it work? Click on the video produced by Giovanni to find out. And special thanks and musical credit to Andrea Bocelli for serenading us with Romanza and Rapsodia.




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