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Ricotta, Biscotti, Twice-Baked Potato

25 Nov

What do these delicious items have in common? It’s simple, they are all cooked twice. The wonderful creamy ricotta cheese we love is literally made from whey left over in the production of cheese,  then “re-cooked”, hence the name ri cotta. Biscotti, the crisp, rectangular-shaped Italian cookies, often dipped in coffee or vin santo, are twice baked. And then, of course, there is the American twice-baked potato, cooked, then dug out and refilled with just about anything one likes.

So it got me to wondering, “What does one call turkey in a second cooked form?” Since I couldn’t find anything in the dictionary or even in the Wikis, I tired to make up a word. The Latin word “bis” means twice, so I tried that – Bisturkey.  Not very catchy. Other options included TurkeyTwice, Turkeyx2, but not any better. Finally I settled on the simple and obvious – Turkey Soup.

Thursday, first cooking produced this…



Friday, second cooking produced this…



So, if you’ve had enough leftovers for a while, simmer that turkey bone for hours in water or broth, then remove the bones carefully and add leftover turkey, veggies, potatoes, etc. Best of all, it freezes well for a cold winter night when your tasty memories of that delicious turkey have begun to fade.

And should you come up with a great recooked turkey name, please let me know!



Happy Thanksgiving!

23 Nov

On this day for giving thanks,
I am most grateful for the love of family and friends,
both near and far.

May your day be filled with whatever makes you happy,
and a little bit of rest at the end of the day!

Version 2


Happy Thanksgiving!


Life Photos in Black and White

12 Nov

Let me begin by saying that I am not an avid user of Facebook. (When I was in college, people still used typewriters for term papers!) Some years ago, however, I realized that FB was a simple way to keep up with or reconnect with relatives/friends, especially those who live in different cities and time zones around the world.

Recently, I noticed a thing on FB called the Black and White Photo Challenge. Simply said, people would post a B/W photo of their everyday life, for seven consecutive days, and challenge a friend each day to do the same. No people. No explanations.

For someone who has always loved photography, this challenge struck me as interesting. And then a dear friend from the UK challenged me. 

The word “Challenge” was thought-provoking. I took it not as a contest or competition, but rather as a self-reflection. Which of my photos represent my life? 

I have always loved photography and have taken thousands of photos over the years. Before I posted my first photo, I took time rolling through years of them. It was soon clear to me that not all color photos express their meaning well in black and white, while some black and white photos lose their impact in color.

After some time, I created a file with more photos than I needed, then chose one for each of the seven days.

Rarely do I leave home knowing what I might photograph, yet I’ve always felt that I see the world through pictures. We stop frequently on our walks and thankfully, Len is very patient, only to share later, “Wow, I didn’t see that at all.”

Photos of my life. No people….and then I remembered something Ansel Adams, American photographer and environmentalist, said:

There are always two people in every picture:
the photographer and the viewer.

Photos of my life. No explanations…and then something else Ansel Adams said:

“A true photograph need not be explained,
nor can it be contained in words.” 

And so I share a few more photos with you. No people. No explanations.



And now my challenge to you – If you have a phone, camera or computer full of photos, and a bit of time, try it yourself. Look through some of your photos and select seven that represent your life. If in color, adjust them to B/W. And remember…No people. No explanation needed. 



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