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Destination Napoli

7 Mar

The saying goes:

If you go to Naples for a day, you’ll hate it. If you go for a week, you’ll love it. And if you go for a year, you’ll never want to leave. 

This thought has rattled around in my brain for some time now. And since my maternal grandparents were born in this part of Italy, I really want to love it.

We’ve been to Napoli in the past, or perhaps more accurately, through Napoli, but never spending enough time to bond with this city. Here we are in 2007, enjoying the best pizza ever. In fact, it was this restaurant that inspired Len to begin his pizza making.

Pizza In Napoli, 2007 ©

Pizza In Napoli, 2007 ©

Today, as in the past, any number of trip review sites are filled with images and stories of the narrow streets, dirty alleys, and attempted purse snatchings. Our loving Tuscan friends caution us to stai attento!, be careful. But what makes me smile are the stories from travelers who stayed longer than one night and took the time to absorb the culture and befriend the people. They gush about their love of Napoli.

Two  years ago, when our daughter Benita visited Napoli as a student, she wrote:

Typically, when you tell someone you’re going to Naples, you either get a frightened look or a frank “be safe.” Usually, it’s both. I would soon learn that these people, many of whom have never even been to Naples, could not have been more misguided about this Italian city. (Rome is Always A Good Idea)

With great anticipation, we depart tomorrow. Stay tuned as our Italian adventure continues!


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